Best Twitter tools for social media experts

We all know that the age of social is firmly entrenched in marketing campaigns. Social media resources have become so ingrained in the way brands, products and services are advertised that marketing employment agencies are often looking for social media experts who know how to effectively use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other sites. 

One of the premier social media networks used today is Twitter. The site recently posted that it has over 200 million active users, and experts believe this number will continue to grow into 2013. Marketing Profs reported that 69 percent of B2C marketers and 80 percent of B2B companies used Twitter for social media marketing campaigns in 2012. 

A social media professional can optimize his or her use of Twitter by using strategic applications. However, with so many available on the market, how is a person to determine the right combination of tools? Here are our recommendations for the top tools for Twitter below:

​If you release a Tweet and no one hears it, does it even make a sound? As a social media expert, you might be posting quality content that will boost your brand's presence as a thought leader in an industry. However, if you're not posting the content at the right time, the visibility of this message is going to significantly decrease. Tweriod analyzes your past tweets and those of your followers to determine the best time to post content. If you follow the analysis report drafted by the application, you can expect to increase your reach and exposure.

Are you struggling to find great content to post throughout the day? Buffer is not only a scheduling app, which is highly useful for those days filled with meetings, but it will also provide an account holder with information about what type of content your followers are interacting with via the social network. The social media tool is so popular that it has been endorsed by more than a few social media and content marketing experts.

"I love Buffer. It saves me a ton of time when finding and sharing interesting content on the social Web. It's a simple concept, perfectly executed," Jay Baer told Social Media Today.

Baer recommends spending a few minutes each morning finding links and content, and scheduling delivery via Buffer. 

​For those social media managers handling brands that work within a set metro or region, LocalTweeps may be the right tool for you. This application is in the middle of beta testing, but is showing promising results. The tools allows you to search by city,  ZIP code or keyword, which can come in handy for promotional posts. Announce and follow brands and local trends in your industry with the help of LocalTweeps.
Know what is trending in your Twitter community with the help of This Twitter application allows you to track certain trends, websites and hashtags to gain better insight into what matters to your core audience. In addition, the tool provides a social media manager with the Twitter profiles that are most actively covering a particular issue or trend. The tool allows a user to manage multiple Twitter profiles at once, and provides insights via analytics into who is talking, following and interacting with what. For larger operations, team members also involved in a corporate social strategy can manage a brand's following as well. 

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