How to Convince Your Boss to Work with a Staffing Agency

Do you feel like you need additional resources, but your company’s leaders are hesitant to use a staffing agency? Time to speak their language. Make the business case by identifying the internal challenges of hiring new digital and creative talent, and highlighting how the entire company can benefit from enlisting external help.

Why It’s Time to Enlist a Staffing Agency

Keep these three main points in mind to present a sound argument to your boss:

1. It’s Time to Speed Up the Process

While you’re approved to hire staff, the process can be slow and complex when you have to keep up with various other responsibilities. But if you don’t devote enough time to the hiring process, you risk rushing into a commitment with a less-than-favorable candidate, which can be costly for the entire company.

Who are the professionals with the time and resources to dedicate themselves to the hiring process? You got it: top recruiters at a top staffing agency. They understand the current job market in and out, not wasting any time finding top candidates.

2. It’s Difficult to Find the Right Candidates

When you need to fill specialized positions in a candidate-driven market, it becomes much more difficult to find the right talent. This is especially true for top digital and creative jobs that require a specific skill set, such as UI/UX design or digital copywriting. While these careers are in high demand, there aren’t enough candidates who are qualified to fit the positions.

Working with a niche staffing agency that caters to the industry grants you access to a much wider pool of candidates. They can get you in touch with the hard-to-reach potential employees you’re struggling to find. With a larger selection of high-quality candidates, you also have a chance to broaden the diversity of your workforce, which is beneficial for fresh perspectives and legal purposes. As a bonus, specialized recruitment agencies are well connected with even the most passive candidates, giving you access to top-tier talent.

3. It’s Helpful to Avoid Potential Costs

The cost of a bad hire goes beyond financial setbacks. Mistakes during the hiring process can also have far-reaching negative effects on the company culture and productivity. When a bad hire doesn’t pull his or her weight, other employees quickly become frustrated with picking up the slack. Plus, if it becomes clear that leadership is letting poor performance slide, some employees could become inclined to adopt bad habits. If this goes on for too long, morale will plummet and you’ll risk losing some of your most valuable employees.

Falon Fatemi, CEO and founder of Node, suggested some excellent tactics for avoiding bad hires, including initiating trial periods, setting clear expectations (and firing new hires quickly if those expectations aren’t met), and bringing in an outside perspective, such as a recruitment agency, for expert advice and assistance finding better hires.

Find Top Digital and Creative Talent with Profiles

Is your boss sold yet? Get in touch with our marketing and creative tech recruiters. Kickoff your external recruiting process. We have the skills and resources to connect you with top talent in no time.

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