[INFOGRAPHIC] Writing an Engaging and Optimized Job Description

A position is open at your company. The search for the right candidate is on. Where do you begin?

Searching for and hiring the right candidate all starts with the job description. As one of the first things on the list, the job description is crafted to attract the right audience and accurately present the responsibilities of the position. In addition, the job description should also be written to render in search results. Job seekers are turning to search engines to start the job search process, making job description optimization important.

Keep reading for how to write a job description that covers all of these bases and leads you to the perfect candidate:

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Use keywords appropriately

In the case of a job description, the job title acts as the primary keyword, followed by any additional alternate or synonym job titles acting as secondary keywords. In the example above, the digital marketing position uses “Digital Marketing Manager” as the primary keyword title and based on the needs of the description, “Search Marketing Manager” is the accompanying secondary keyword job title. Using keywords frequently throughout the description increases the probability of the description appearing higher in search results, in turn gaining more job seeking viewers.

List out responsibilities and requirements

  • Lists make it easy to read and understand dense material at a glance.
  • When writing job responsibilities and requirements it is best practice to list the content for a digestible read.
  • Keep the list short – five to seven bullets.
  • Too short of a list runs the risk of inviting an influx of unqualified applicants.
  • Too long of a list could lose readership focus and drive candidates away.

Optimize your job description for mobile

More than half of Fortune 500 companies have mobile-responsive career sites. Growing numbers of applicants are turning to their smartphones to do their job searching. In fact, 77 percent of job seekers use mobile job search apps to find their next career move. If you want to attract the most qualified, tech savvy individuals for your company, optimize job descriptions for mobile to accommodate these job search approaches. Be sure to have responsive career web pages, and include large, mobile-friendly calls to action with functional interaction.  The call to action button should be thumb friendly on mobile devices, at least 48 pixels wide.


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