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Managed Services: The Missing Piece to Your Business Strategy

You know your business needs a change, but you’re not sure how to get started. Hiring full-time staff to come in and revamp your strategies or work on a specific project might not be the best plan of action. Managed Services, however, can breathe life into your company and supply you with a solid group of experts to complete a project with professionalism and skill. Whether you want to add more flexibility to your business, bring in focused expertise, or cut costs, you’re sure to benefit from Managed Services staffing solutions.

Managed Services allows you to outsource marketing and creative technology projects and personnel to a strategic partner, which will recruit a qualified onsite team for the project. Managed Services oversee the project and upholds the outlined success metrics in the Service Level Agreement.

Here is a situation you might currently be faced with: Your company is undergoing a website redesign, and you do not have the resources necessary to devote to the project. Utilizing Managed Services can supply you with a qualified group of onsite consultants with precise expertise and the ability to get to work immediately. A full dedicated team would work onsite and consist of a Project Manager, Web Strategist, Content Writer, Web Designer, Web Developer, and Quality Assurance Engineer. Put the hiring responsibility in the hands of trusted recruiters whose line of work is entirely devoted to finding solutions to your needs.

Companies that use Managed Services save an estimated 10-25 percent of overall spend than they would if they executed the project internally. Not only would the latter option tie up company resources, but it would also likely fall off the specific timeline. Consider using Managed Services when you begin on your next creative, marketing, or technical project.

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Benefits of Managed Services

1. Scalability – add personnel only during influx of project needs and steer your resources towards critical initiatives.
2. Cost Savings – earn volume discounts.
3. Quality Assurance – service level agreements ensure standards are upheld.
4. Efficiency – expedite onboarding qualified staff and increase productivity.
5. Talent Retention – reduce turnover rates.
6. Focused Expertise – leverage qualified resources fulfilling service level agreements and get projects done right the first time with trained experts.
7. Reporting – proof of success is in the metrics.

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