The 12 High-Paying Top Tech Jobs in 2021: Data Expands, Development Prevails

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Top Tech Jobs 2021 Summary:

  • The tech industry is one of the most promising industries of work with constant growth and innovation.
  • Each position within the lifecycle of a digital product has a place on the list.
  • Outside of digital products, top tech jobs are becoming more and more in-demand to encompass data and database management.

Leading Jobs in Technology

Technology is all around us. Top tech jobs within the industry require various skills and programming languages. Duties range from the actual development of applications and software to data management and data visualization. Additionally, we see the growing importance and influence data has in each industry of business.

Below we take a detailed look into each of the jobs in technology along with salary ranges to expect (salary source: PayScale). Whether you are looking to get hired or are looking for technical professionals, keep reading for our extensive list of the top tech jobs of 2021:

1. Data Scientist

The data scientist is an analytics expert who has strong technical skills to analyze and manage data as well as find trends. These highly analytical professionals are able to extract the meaning from data and interpret that data via various tools and methods. Additionally, data scientists possess strong industry knowledge and challenge current assumptions. Data scientists are familiar with programming languages, such as R and Python, and are well-versed in statistical analysis, data visualization, and machine learning techniques.

Data scientist salary range: $66,000-$144,000.

2. Data Architect

Staying within the realm of data, the data architect is responsible for visualizing and designing the enterprise data management framework for an organization. The position is able to do this by translating business requirements into tech requirements, which help define data standards and principles. The data architect is working within data streams, integrations, and transformations of databases data warehouses.

Data architect salary range: $79,000-$176,000.

3. CRM Architect

CRM architecture entails the development and management of an organization’s customer relationship management infrastructure. In the early stages, the CRM architect will determine the goals of the technology, which will shape the strategy, structure, and process. This position determines the technology journey, including building, testing, and maintenance. As the CRM is up and running, the CRM architect is most often the main resource for administration, maintenance, and improvement of the system.

CRM architects have experience in data and information architecture and management along with technical skills like Tableau, HTML, AMPScript, JavaScript, and protocols (HTTP, CSS, XSLT, JQuery to name a few).

CRM solution architect salary range: $82,000-$185,000.

4. DevOps Engineer

Development Operations, or DevOps, marries software development and IT operations to shorten the system development lifecycle. A DevOps engineer will work to balance needs throughout a software development lifecycle by implementing certain processes, tools, and methodologies. This position is bringing together code along with application maintenance and management. These engineers are proficient in data management, leadership, and collaboration.

DevOps engineer salary range: $65,000-$145,000.

5. Database Administrator

Despite a straightforward job title, there is plenty more to a database administrator. The database administrator is constantly ensuring a company’s databases are running efficiently by utilizing special software to store and organize the data. Along with maintenance, the DBA is also responsible for the accessibility of data for authorized users and security for unauthorized users.

The database administrator sees the database through the whole lifecycle (depending on where they come into the position), which includes: installing, upgrading, modifying the structure, creating user profiles, ensuring security, creating backup/recovery strategy, creating reports, monitoring, and optimizing database’s performance, migrating database when necessary.

Database administrator salary range: $41,000-$114,000.

6. Software Engineer

If you have ever downloaded an app on your computer or installed software, you are interacting with the work of a software engineer. Software engineers build applications that are downloaded and used within an operating system. Software engineering requires knowledge of the architecture of the system the application or software is developed on. Successful software engineers are well-versed in software development languages, such as C#, Java, Swift, to name a few.

Software engineer salary range: $62,000-$137,000.

Hiring software engineers is no easy task. Enlist a software engineering staffing agency to help you along in your candidate search.

7. Mobile App Developer

A subset of software development, mobile app developers are building and writing software for mobile devices. Mobile app developers are well-versed in mobile technologies and the appropriate languages. Google Android, Apple iOS, and Microsoft Windows phones are the three main phone platforms.  With that, the mobile app developer may alternatively be referred to as an Android developer or an iOS developer.

Depending on the mobile platform, mobile app developers will have experience in Java, Objective-C, and/or C#. Most mobile apps interact with servers, which requires most mobile app developers to have knowledge and experience with the back end of mobile app development.

Mobile app developer salary range: $45,000-$118,000.

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Web Development

Web developers are those that are responsible for the inner and outer workings of the website during a build. Typical projects within web development are web applications, needing the internet and a web browser to access the product. Web development is a broad term that is often divided into three buckets: front-end, back-end, and full-stack. Let us break it down:

8. Font End Developer – Web developers who primarily focus on the forward-facing components of a website are considered front end developers. These professionals are standing up the user interface and work on the aesthetics of a website through development languages, the main ones being HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Front end developer salary range: $47,000-$117,000.

9. Back End Developer – With the front end of the web application taken care of, the web developer responsible for the back end of things is none other than the back end developer. Where the back end differs from the front is the database and hosting components of a web application. The back end developer is working in back end languages, such as Python, Ruby, and PHP (most common). Information from the back end is being pulled into the front end to make the web application fully functioning.

Back end developer salary range: $42,000-$127,000.

10. Full-Stack Developer – You guessed it: The role of a full stack developer essentially encompasses both the front and back ends of development. These professionals have the capabilities to take on the server-side of a project, hosting, write APIs as well as tend to the forward-facing parts of a project. Contrary to popular belief, full-stack developers are not the sole person on a development project. Rather, with knowledge of both ends, full-stack developers can insert themselves at any point of the project. Full-stack developers have front-end skills (HTML/CSS, JavaScript), knowledge of user experience, project management coupled with back-end languages (Ruby, PHP, and/or Python). Often, full-stack developers are even present during the planning phases of a project.

Full-stack developer salary range: $52,000-$118,000.

11. Product Manager

The role of the product manager is a crucial one; strategizing product needs, fulfilling those needs, and monitoring user response. This role is identifying the company or customer needs along with the strategic vision of the digital product. The product manager then rallies team members to bring the vision to life. The difference between a product manager and a project manager depends on the matter of orders. The product manager is likely to have the power to drive the strategy and the execution, whereas a project manager is given the marching orders and ensure the team is delivering on those orders. Strategic thinking, communication, collaboration, and user empathy are just a few of the many soft skills that make a successful product manager.

Product manager salary range: $68,000-$145,000.

12. UX Designer

Designing for the user experience is more than a good-looking website. UX designers are relying on user research, user testing, and design thinking to produce an appropriate flow of navigation for a digital product, all while adhering to the business intent. A UX designer or the practice of user experience design is present in each facet of a digital product. With user-centric designs, a digital product is set up for success. UX designers have knowledge of basic design principles but are well-versed in design thinking for problem-solving. Common UX design programs are Adobe XD, Sketch, and InVision.

UX designer salary range: $50,000-$116,000.

Profiles Tech Recruiters

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