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The demand for Marketing Analysts is topping the charts in the digital landscape. With the vast amount of consumer data available today, appropriate data collection and analysis is an essential step in optimizing your marketing efforts, and preventing unnecessary expenses. At Profiles, our marketing analytics recruiters can help you find marketing talent who can analyze your marketing strategy and provide actionable insights.

From analyzing data across all your marketing platforms to predicting future marketing trends, a seasoned marketing researcher will present you with the information needed to make informed business decisions and optimize campaign conversions within a CRO strategy. Our technical recruiters can provide qualified candidates across any industry with certifications in the top analytics platforms.

At Profiles, we understand what it takes to create an engaging and productive workplace. That’s why our marketing analytics recruiting firm has one of the highest rates of success in the industry. We do more than just recruit candidates, we build relationships with our clients that promote growth and success.

If you’re looking to optimize your marketing strategy and boost your ROI with a marketing analyst, contact Profiles. See how our marketing analytics recruiters can attract some of the top analyst talent in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Richmond, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, or Newark.

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Why Profiles?

No other marketing research recruiting firm in the region can match our knowledge and experience in the industry. Since 1998, Profiles has matched companies with some of the smartest and savviest analysts in the industry. We only work with the top 20% of job seekers nationwide, so our marketing analytics recruiters have an extensive network of highly-qualified candidates from which to choose. We understand the different skills you may want in a marketing candidate, like someone who understands online data analytics or AdWords.

At Profiles, our relationship with our clients doesn’t end once the hire is made. We continue to offer free training sessions and additional resources to our candidates to keep them up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry.

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Marketing Analytics Manager

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Marketing Campaign Specialist

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Positions We Staff

“Marketing strategies are constantly evolving, but our marketing analytics recruiting firm can help you find the analytical talent you need to stay ahead of your competition. Whether you are looking to fill a contract or make a direct hire, Profiles’ team of marketing analytics recruiters can find the researcher you need to optimize your offline or online marketing efforts.

Our data analytics recruitment agency staffs every position from entry-level marketing researchers to seasoned marketing managers, well-versed in Google Analytics and other big data platforms. For a complete look at all the data science positions we can help you staff, please visit our data science recruiters page.

How Profiles Can Help You

Finding the right marketing researcher can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to look. Profiles marketing analytics recruitment agency is with you throughout the entire hiring process, presenting you with highly-qualified candidates that we know will thrive in your organization.

Before we start talking to candidates, we will meet with you to gain insights into your organization’s goals and culture. Once we gain a better understanding of your company’s needs, our big data analytics recruiters will tailor a custom recruiting strategy to fit your company and find the candidate that is a qualified, cultural fit.

Each candidate is carefully vetted before our marketing analytics recruiters send over the one or two individuals that we believe to be the best fit. You’ll then get the opportunity to conduct your own interview and confirm our selections. With Profiles, you save the time and money associated with the hiring process while still finding the best possible candidate for the job.

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Our marketing analytics staffing firm do more than just find creative and analytical talent, they match employers with candidates that fit in with their organization’s culture and goals. With Profiles, you can be sure that your hires have the knowledge, experiences and skills needed to provide you with the metrics you need to boost your marketing efforts.

If you’re looking for a marketing analytics researcher, contact Profiles. See how our staffing agency can help you find exceptional talent in the Baltimore, DC, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Dallas, Newark, Chicago, and Richmond areas.


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