Tech Hiring Trends 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Expanding your team and improving your hiring techniques should be high on your list of professional resolutions for the New Year. With the booming economy and evolving job titles and requirements, job seekers have more opportunities than ever – making it increasingly important to assess your hiring and retention strategies. Consider the following points when bringing a new person onto your team this year.

2015 Tech Hiring Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Developing and managing creative technical talent

One of the most important qualifications of a technical candidate is his or her ability to perform assigned tasks. This requires him or her to have certain skill sets, and it also calls for a hiring manager or technical staffing company that is able to identify whether or not an applicant possesses them. According to Forbes magazine, the skills gap is a major issue for employers today, making it important to select the right candidates and provide on-the-job training to hone in on talent and retain top performers.

Specifically, the demand for several tech jobs is on the rise. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics noted that the country’s job outlook through 2022 is increasing at a much faster than average rate for marketing analysts, UX designers and web developers – 32, 22, and 20 percent growth, respectively. Skills like web project management and web development are some of the most sought-after by employers. By combining talent acquisition, training, and development teams, some companies are better able to manage their talent and keep employees feeling both challenged and satisfied.

Evolving millennial candidate pools

The improving economy continues to give applicants a wider job market to explore, meaning there’s more competition on their part as well as on the employers’. This, combined with the evolving employee demographic, can make the hiring process more challenging. The Harvard Business Review explained that as baby boomers retire and millennials find work, it’s necessary to adjust onboarding and retention strategies accordingly. For example, Forbes noted that transparency between departments is a major requirement for younger generations in the workforce. Open communication is becoming increasingly necessary to keeping an efficient, satisfied team of employees. Try holding brief meetings to encourage interdepartmental communication, and always make yourself available to your employees so they know they can come to you with any issues or challenges.

Millennial retention strategies

Once you’ve hired and trained your employees, the next step is to deploy strategies that will ensure their retention. A flexible work environment is crucial to keeping top performers happy. Try giving ample sick and vacation time – as long as it’s not abused – and allow employees to periodically work from home. Bonuses and title changes also go a long way in retaining employees. Promoting internally and rewarding employees with raises in response to their devotion and hard work can keep your team strong and stable. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to maintaining your employees. Listen to their needs, and respond accordingly to increase retention rates. Your team – and your business – will benefit as a result.


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