Man interviewing a woman

Tips on How to Close a Job Interview

I conducted a debrief conversation with a Profiles candidate a few weeks ago.  We talked about how his conversation with the hiring manager went and his impressions of the cues the hiring manager had provided during the interview.  As a part of our talent experience, Profiles strives to prepare our candidates in understanding the ‘must…

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How to Accept the Right Job Offer

You are sitting at home, looking at three offer letters on the table, and you are struggling to pick just one. What to do? It’s a great problem to have, but the wrong decision could drastically alter your career course. The key to making the right decision is to prepare from the very moment you…

The Psychology of UX Strategy

As a user experience professional, you know that the evolving demands from consumers and employers are driving the market. User experience is something that touches on almost every single business project. However, each facet or industry has its own individual issues to deal with, as there are tried and true methods and a few that are guaranteed to flop.